Hacking the education system

I found both the TED Talk and blog post for this weeks assignment had points in them that forced me to do some serious thinking and even having to go back and reread or even re-listen to them.

In the blog post that we had to read about hacking the education system Mr. Hunt talked about three “lenses” to education, I had never even thought of education being more than one diminution. After reading about these three lenses I realized that without one of the three the other two are just there and don’t do much good. He also talks about how kids learn better when they actually have something to show for what they learned. This made me think of myself as I am a very visual and hands on learner. If I can be making something or be doing something while the teacher is going on with their lesson I feel I retain the lesson so much better. Not all students are going to be audio learners and we need to make sure as the teacher we accommodate all learning styles.

In the TED Talk Logan talks about how some adults expect adult careers out of children when they are young and asked what they want to be when they get older. When Logan is talking about how the teenage brain has part of the frontal cortex still underdeveloped but the fact that they have more neurons than an adult does really brings to light why some teenagers have such drastic mood swings at the drop of a hat. I have never though of hacking something to be a positive but after listening to Logan talk about how there are some children who are not happy or healthy but still going to school learning it truly dawned on me that we as teachers are not teaching students how to be happy or healthy when they move on from education. As a future teacher I want to be able to teach my students how they can live a healthy lifestyle and give them tips to being happy.

Both the blog post and TED talk will be pieces I go back to many times when I have my own classroom to remind myself that there are many different diminutions to school and that there will be students who hack what you are trying to teach them and that’s okay. It may be the easiest way for them to learn.


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